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Children summer camps
A week of adventure in nature

210€ all included. Small groups by ages.



New horizons


Self improvement



Goals of the mountain camp

Those of us who have been lucky enough to spend many moments in the mountains as children or young people with our friends, remember those moments with special affection. And from adulthood we realize how essential they have been to our progress, in the development of our capacities, in the values they have brought us and in the development of an open mind to the natural world that sustains us. The illusion of backpacking the day before an adventure to discover the world has not yet disappeared. Children and young people are naturally curious and adventurous, and this is an opportunity to discover what surrounds them and themselves.

This is one of the projects that most motivates our entire team, especially because of the positive transformation that the child/pre-youth experiences.

Every year we introduce new activities, concepts and adventures and this year 2022 we come with new proposals and places to discover.

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    Camp program

    • Monday: Canyoning, from 9AM to 3PM in Benahavis
    • Tuesday: Survival, from 9AM to 3PM in Juanar
    • Wednesday: Beach party, from 9AM to 3PM in Guadalmina
    • Thursday and Friday: Camping, from Thursday 9AM to Friday 3PM Yunquera

    Monday, Benahavis

    Tuesday, Juanar

    Wednesday, Guadalmina

    Thursday & Friday, Yunquera

    Healthy leisure

    Undoubtedly, leisure and fun form a close symbiosis with learning. We think that if one learns and has fun at the same time it is to throw light on light. We have proposed many activities, workshops and dynamics for you to laugh, be surprised by the natural spaces we venture into, or challenges that will not leave you indifferent.

    We are preparing new camps for next autumn and spring 2022 so that they complement each other, gain experience in the different seasons, in different natural areas, and in different types of mountain sports.

    Didactic activities

    All the activities, even if they have some leisure content, have an important didactic and interesting content. As an example, the descent of the Narrows is planned so that the children can learn how to prepare themselves to descend a river, the technical material used, its uses and functions. They are also taught how to progress safely and how to face small challenges that may arise. It is the ideal time to teach them simple and affordable rescue techniques and small tricks to turn a complex situation into simple actions to solve.

    Other workshops such as orientation and specific survival workshops will give them knowledge and tools for their school training or general culture (reading a topographic map, recognizing native flora and its use, how to make water drinkable…).

    Capacity building

    The development of skills, such as individual or team decision-making, communication, feeling comfortable in different environments, the ability to overcome, confidence in oneself and in one’s colleagues, positive thinking, willingness to resolve new situations (…) are tools for life. In this program we try to create a framework for their practice and development.

    Development of values in a healthy environment

    These are inseparable from the activities in the mountains or in nature.

    Curiosity, Enthusiasm, Love for Nature, Will, Sense and Prudence, Respect, Perseverance, Optimism, Humor and Joy are fundamental for the development of any human being. It is very motivating to develop all these qualities in an environment of companionship, healthy environment within the framework of sport and nature.

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