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Adventure activities in Marbella and Málaga

TUUR Adventure Experts has the professional guides to help you discover all the possibilities of adventure activities hidden behind the coasts and mountains of Malaga.

Adventures for everyone

Barranquismo, vías ferratas, mountain bikes, hiking, jet-ski y mucho más. Descubre lo que tienen escondidas para ti las tierras malagueñas.

Annual programme for families

Ofrecemos una gran variedad de actividades de aventuras en contacto con la naturaleza adaptadas para familias de todas las edades!

Camps for teens and children

Nuestros campamentos para niños y jóvenes tienen el doble propósito de acercarles a la naturaleza al tiempo que contribuyen a forjar su carácter.

Team building for companies

Hemos desarrollado varios programas y actividades en la naturaleza (montaña, playa, ciudades y pueblos) para reforzar la unidad dentro de un equipo empresarial.

THE MOST WANTED | Top 5 activities in Malaga and Marbella

Canyoning in Guadalmina

Starting from 49€

Kayaking routes

Starting from 35€

Vía Ferrata "el Chorro"

Starting from 55€


Starting from 55€

Hiking "la Concha"

Starting from 50€

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our projects

Camps for children and youngsters

Those of us who have been lucky enough to spend many moments in the mountains as children or young people with our friends, remember those moments with special affection. And from adulthood we realize how essential they have been to our progress, in the development of our capacities, in the values they have brought us and in the development of an open mind to the natural world that sustains us. The illusion of backpacking the day before an adventure to discover the world has not yet disappeared. Children and young people are naturally curious and adventurous, and this is an opportunity to discover what surrounds them and themselves.

This is one of the projects that most motivates our entire team, especially because of the positive transformation that the child/pre-youth experiences.

Every year we introduce new activities, concepts and adventures and this year we come with new proposals and places to discover.

Activities for the whole family

TUUR Adventures offers a variety of activities suitable for all members of the family: canyoning, via ferrata, hiking and much more.

In addition to the great fun component of the activity, we focus the outing so that children and young people can learn great lessons that can serve them in future experiences; how to progress safely in this terrain, how to perform jumps and abseils correctly, build confidence (…). From a geological and natural point of view Guadalmina offers a stunning environment for the young child to take home great discoveries and unforgettable memories.

Kayak route in Puerto Banus, Marbella

Discover the fascination of the sunset in Marbella with our exclusive kayak route exploring the Rodeito beaches, the Duque beaches and the entrance to the José Banús marina!

During this 2-hour, expertly guided tour, you’ll learn paddling techniques while taking in the majesty of the Sierra Blanca and the iconic La Concha peak as a backdrop.

You’ll explore the coastline illuminated by the last lights of day and be captivated by the nocturnal elegance of Puerto Banús from the unique perspective of your kayak.

Sunset unleashes a spectacle of warm hues and reflections on the Mediterranean waters.
You will have the exclusive opportunity to witness the entry of luxurious boats into the port of Banús, adding a touch of glamour to your trip.

Have you heard of Vias Ferratas?

Vias Ferratas are vertical and horizontal routes located on rocky walls that allow you to experience the same aerial sensations of sports such as climbing and mountaineering without great physical or technical demands. It consists of a succession of iron grips, chains, pikes, zip lines, monkey bridges, Tibetan bridges… which make these routes diverse, fun and exciting. Parallel to these elements of progression, there is a steel cable with independent anchors called a life line. In order to progress, specific equipment is used, together with the harness, called a dissipator that links our body to the life line and in the exceptional case of a fall, this would secure us to the wall.

The technical difficulty and physical demands can be very different from one route to another; the steps may be further apart, there may be some overhangs that are more physically demanding or hanging bridges that do not require more temperance if our weakness is more for the height.

Team building activities for companies

Do you want a nice experience in nature for Team Building or Corporate Events? We are TUUR Adventure Experts, a company of expert guides in nature and sport experiences who have developed several programmes and activities in nature (mountain, beach, cities and villages) for Team Buildings. We have many challenges for your team to encourage them, to create unity, new friendships.

We will be happy to help you select your activity programme or create a new one.

Based in Marbella, Malaga, Menorca and Barcelona we work practically all over Spain to make your event a special memory.

We are the leading canyoning company in Southern Spain

TUUR Canyoning is formed by a team specialised in canyoning guides, canyoning courses, children’s activities and special programmes related to river sports.

Our canyoning activities bring canyoning to all ages, we have canyoning tours for families with children, as well as unforgettable experiences for stag and hen parties and team building activities for companies.

We are the leading canyoning company in the province of Malaga, with a presence throughout Andalusia, as well as in the Pyrenees and the Balearic Islands. We also do expeditions abroad to France, Italy or Morocco.

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